Summer style: The Simplicity Edit

It's getting seriously toasty in London, and us Londoners are not exactly used to stay cool in sweltering weathers. Our advice: stick so simple outfits. You can either go for relaxed separates, or an easy, casual dress that will see you through from day to night. Contrast this easy silhouette with a few edgy details - cut-outs, lace inserts, cool necklines - to keep things interesting.
£64.00   /  Margarin Fingers Clean striped skirt
£66.00   /  Modstrom Cool blue cut-out day dress
Front-tie pencil skirt
sold out
£72.00   /  Margarin Fingers Front-tie pencil skirt
£45.00   /  Rocket Lunch Little white jumper
£34.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Perfect white cotton t-shirt
£75.00   /  Cozete Little white blouse
£54.00   /  Minkpink Minimalist orange-red jumpsuit
£75.00   /  Minkpink Wild flower dress
£56.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Burgundy striped skater dress
£56.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Black striped skater dress