The Seoul fashion scene is one of the most exciting in the world, full of attitude, effortless cool and humour. We go to Seoul several times a year and select the coolest young designers emerging from the capital's top fashion schools. We probably have the biggest selection of cool Korean designs this side of the world. Seoul style is all about relaxed silhouettes: Confident girls with long straight hair rock oversize men's shirts tucked into preppy mini skirts, and finish the look with a big printed bag and grungy ankle boots.

£42.00   /  Rocket Lunch Minimalist dark green ribbed skirt
£42.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Oversize navy checked top
£55.00   /  Rocket Lunch White wave textured knit
£56.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Burgundy striped skater dress
£75.00   /  Margarin Fingers Light chambray jumpsuit
£44.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Perfect nautical top
£64.00   /  Margarin Fingers Clean striped skirt
£79.00   /  Margarin Fingers Navy sailor dress
£40.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Burgundy cropped top with gingham sleeves
£36.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Textured skirt with chambray waistband
£79.00   /  Grace Raiment Knitted daisy lace grey jumper
£62.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Clean quilted cropped white sweater
£49.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Edgy little grey dress
£40.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Black cropped top with gingham sleeves
£76.00   /  Margarin Fingers Daisy navy knitted jumper
£72.00   /  Margarin Fingers Daisy burgundy knitted skirt
Raw edge black denim skirt
sold out
£49.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Raw edge black denim skirt
Front-tie pencil skirt
sold out
£72.00   /  Margarin Fingers Front-tie pencil skirt
£49.00   /  Margarin Fingers Navy blue pleated skorts
£70.00   /  Margarin Fingers Navy buckled pleated skirt
£76.00   /  Margarin Fingers Daisy burgundy knitted jumper
£40.00   /  Rocket Lunch Fringed light grey t-shirt
£29.00   /  Love Before Breakfast Bright blue sleeveless top with cut-out details
£34.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Perfect white cotton t-shirt
£45.00   /  Rocket Lunch Little white jumper
£55.00   /  Grace Raiment Clean white shirt with graphic collar
£72.00   /  Margarin Fingers Daisy navy knitted skirt
£75.00   /  Rocket Lunch Electric blue textured wool dress
£56.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Black striped skater dress
£36.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Ribbed navy mini skirt
Ribbed skater skirt with contrast waist
sold out
£38.00   /  Outstanding Ordinary Ribbed skater skirt with contrast waist
£110.00   /  Beny & Hizzin Leopard print utility jacket
£87.00 £94.00   /  Grace Raiment White pleated dress with thin red stripes