Rocket x Lunch

Seoul-based Rocket x Lunch strikes the perfect balance between edginess and preppiness. Stripes and gingham prints are given an edgy twist with asymmetric hemlines, oversized fits and luxe fabrics.

£42.00   /  Rocket Lunch Minimalist dark green ribbed skirt
£55.00   /  Rocket Lunch White wave textured knit
Navy ribbed sweater
sold out
£42.00   /  Rocket Lunch Navy ribbed sweater
Red marl sweater
sold out
£42.00   /  Rocket Lunch Red marl sweater
Little grey jumper
sold out
£45.00   /  Rocket Lunch Little grey jumper
Oversized buttoned sweater
sold out
£69.00   /  Rocket Lunch Oversized buttoned sweater
£40.00   /  Rocket Lunch Fringed light grey t-shirt
£45.00   /  Rocket Lunch Little white jumper
£75.00   /  Rocket Lunch Electric blue textured wool dress
£42.00   /  Rocket Lunch Minimalist black ribbed skirt