Margarin fingers

Seoul-based Margarin Fingers is one fun little label that will transform your daywear wardrobe. Iceberg embroideries, sheer panelling and unique little details make each piece really, really special. The silhouettes are short and flirtatious, with a 60s twist; think mini-dresses and relaxed tailoring. But don't let the quirkiness of their designs fool you; the quality of the cut and fabric used is impeccable, and have that 'designer' feel to them.

£72.00   /  Margarin Fingers Front-tie pencil skirt
Cropped striped polo shirt
sold out
£64.00   /  Margarin Fingers Cropped striped polo shirt
£64.00   /  Margarin Fingers Clean striped skirt
£75.00   /  Margarin Fingers Light chambray jumpsuit
£79.00   /  Margarin Fingers Navy sailor dress
Dotted gingham dress
sold out
£75.00   /  Margarin Fingers Dotted gingham dress
£110.00   /  Margarin Fingers Blue glitter sandals
£75.00   /  Margarin Fingers Contrast stripe cardigan
Grey skirted shorts
sold out
£77.00   /  Margarin Fingers Grey skirted shorts
£76.00   /  Margarin Fingers Daisy burgundy knitted jumper
£70.00   /  Margarin Fingers Navy buckled pleated skirt
£72.00   /  Margarin Fingers Daisy burgundy knitted skirt
£76.00   /  Margarin Fingers Daisy navy knitted jumper
£72.00   /  Margarin Fingers Daisy navy knitted skirt
£49.00   /  Margarin Fingers Navy blue pleated skorts