Among is the sister brand of cool Seoul Fashion week brand Rocket x Lunch. More wearable than its alter ego, Among retains the whimsical, preppy-street feel that makes Korean brands so appealing.
£74.00   /  Among Shine pleated midi skirt
£79.00   /  Among Belted denim dress
£74.00   /  Among Oversized v-neck knit ivory
£199.00   /  Among Snap button dark green coat
Lightbulb white t-shirt
sold out
£38.00   /  Among Lightbulb white t-shirt
£38.00   /  Among Multi-stripe navy t-shirt
£43.00   /  Among Relaxed wine tank top
Androgynous striped navy shirt
sold out
£43.00   /  Among Relaxed green tank top
£57.00   /  Among Open neck black ribbed knit
£62.00   /  Among Buttoned light blue skirt
£43.00   /  Among Relaxed black tank top
£62.00   /  Among Pintuck navy shorts
£62.00   /  Among Half neck black knit
Open neck white ribbed knit
sold out
£57.00   /  Among Open neck white ribbed knit
£34.00   /  Among Glossy crew-neck black top
Glossy crew-neck ivory top
sold out
£34.00   /  Among Glossy crew-neck ivory top
Bulb print t-shirt
sold out
£38.00   /  Among Bulb print t-shirt
Wide striped navy and white knit top
sold out
Tie-sleeve white t-shirt
sold out
£32.00   /  Among Tie-sleeve white t-shirt
£32.00   /  Among Tie-sleeve black t-shirt
£36.00   /  Among Side tie dark grey t-shirt
Sleeveless ribbed grey top
sold out
£39.00   /  Among Sleeveless ribbed grey top
£39.00   /  Among Sleeveless ribbed black top
£39.00   /  Among Buckle strap black top
£79.00   /  Among Sailor collar navy dress
£69.00   /  Among Denim slit skirt
High-waisted red skorts
sold out
£59.00   /  Among High-waisted red skorts
£38.00   /  Among Lightbulb black t-shirt