Parisian label Adeli is on the heads of the coolest girls of the French capital. Dedicated to creating unique and quirky headbands, the design duo knows the importance of the finishing touches to truly propel one's look to a whole new level of cool. From tie-dye and lace designs to simple colour-block style with a 60s flair, it's all about casually crowning your loose, wavy hair or effortless ponytail with one of their great headbands.
Black wool headband
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£39.00   /  Adeli Black wool headband
Cool crushed velvet headband
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£27.00   /  Adeli Cool crushed velvet headband
Dark edge braided headband
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£29.00   /  Adeli Dark edge braided headband
Dark autumn braided headband
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£29.00   /  Adeli Dark autumn braided headband
Dark grey wool headband
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£39.00   /  Adeli Dark grey wool headband
Cool all-blue headband
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£16.00   /  Adeli Cool all-blue headband