Wandering Minds' visit to Berlin Fashion Week

By Aleks Kops, social media assistant

In the beginning of 2015 our search of new trends took us to the uber cool city of concrete - Berlin. As a part of AW15 Berlin Fashion Week, we attended the Premium trade show, which took place in a huge, airy exhibition space featuring both contemporary newcomers and establish international fashion brands. We dived with excitement into the 5-floor Kulhaus (could it be called any other way?), which held numerous quirky upcoming brands, including our beloved scandi fashion representatives Modstrom, Just Female & MbyM. Let’s put it this way - AW15 collection will be very trendy - a lot of edgy cuts, high quality materials and earthy colours - definitely a must have for Scandinavian fashion lovers like me (I have already made my own list for next year!). Here's a few highlights from our Berlin journey.





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