How a fashion start-up celebrates the New Year: by stocking its favourite jewellery brand of all times

By Elisa, Chief Wanderer

Happy New Year and all that jazz, people! At Wandering Minds, we started the new year by fulfilling our long-standing obsession with jewellery label Bing Bang NYC. Having left just before Christmas, I hadn't had the opportunity to take a proper look at all the goodies that this awesome label had sent to the store. Well, I'm now covered with the stuff.

 I had been lusting over this NYC-based jewellery brand for a couple of years now, but had never managed to actually see the collection as stockists are rare, this side of the ocean. Looking through their web shop, I literally wanted every piece presented. Totally my style, with understated, edgy yet delicate earrings, rings and necklaces that begged to be worn asymmetrically, layered, effortlessly, and would make me the urban goddess that I deserved to be. The great idea of stocking them in Wandering Minds finally occurred to me in late November (genius, I hear you say). I contacted them, they were lovely and efficient, and boom! Done. We received the raddest pieces and proudly exhibited them at our Boxpark store and online.

This isn't jewellery for teenagers, my friends. It's all sterling-silver, sometimes gold-plated, and it just screams subtle-cool. There's not a lot of it, so if you like it, I suggest you get your hands on it pronto.

Gold threader bullet earring

Silver continuous baguette earrings


Tiny bullet gold necklace

Tiny baguette ring


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