Wandering Minds - The Makeover

By Elisa, Chief Wanderer and Wandering Minds Founder

We spent the whole summer giving our Boxpark store a long overdue makeover, and it just occurred to me that we didn't even spend 5 minutes sharing the pictures on our blog. Let me tell you guys, it wasn't easy.

It took us two entire nights to sand the wood floors (and nearly drowning in saw dust as a result), multiple trips to Ikea before finally finding the cabinet system we wanted, and then when trying to purchase it, finding out that this entire line had been discontinued, and a lot of pinterest time to find out which lamp bulbs we wanted (Plumen and Muuto, if you're wondering).

We like the result: it's simple, but clean. Our rails are organised by designers, so they each have their own identity, and we've also managed to highlight all the fashion cities that we represent. There's still lots that we want to do (DYING for a neon sign), but we're a start-up and constantly broke, so it's obviously a work in progress.

Photo credit: Natalia Podgorska



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