Thoughts on Street Style

By Aleks Kop, Wandering Minds social media assistant

Walking through the streets of East London to get to work everyday made me ponder about the origins of street style. The concept is now so pervasive that we no longer question its undisputed role as the ultimate definition of cool - after all, we encounter it everyday on the streets, obviously, but also on our various social media accounts, on fashion magazines, billboards and even catwalks (or at least videos, or photos, of said catwalks).

But where does it all come from? The truth it, the street has always been the place where multiple aesthetics found their most creative form and forged cult followings, yet the celebration of such aesthetics is indeed quite new.

Until the 70s, fashion was some kind of hidden temple of art, until an adorable man called Bill Cunningham sat on his bike in New York City and started to circle the streets spotting stylish women who wore pieces from the catwalk in their own way, who had their individual style which would really ‘work’, as he would say. His first column in the New York Times in 1978 is seen by many as the official birth of the concept of street style.

Bill Cunningham then, rocking flared pants.

The street style blog scene has now exploded, and its main protagonists - The Sartorialist, Face Hunter et al - are now recognised influences in the fashion world: from Chanel trainers to Acne oversized silhouettes, there is case to say that the streets lead, and the catwalks follow. 

And so, on my morning walk to work, I decided to consciously feel empowered in my fashion choices. We at Wandering Minds believe in everyday edginess, and this to me, feels very relevant indeed.


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