The Nude Lip, AW14 style

By Aleks Kop, Wandering Minds social media assistant

The All-Natural beauty look is having a moment. Arguably, it has been having a moment for some time now. That doesn't make it less of a good trend, my friends. Despite its longevity, the barely-there look always looks super fresh and edgy. This autumn, it's all about nude skin, nude lips and dramatic eyes: think taupe and bronze eyeshadows and a lot of black eyeliner. Or a dramatic cat's eye liner.

Model Sigrid Agren sporting the look

It just so happens to be one of my personal favourite looks, so it always make me very happy to see famous proponents of the look getting attention for it, from models on Chloe print ads to let-it-grow-eyebrows Cara Delevingne. To recreate the look, BB creams instead of heavy foundations are you best friends. But there's also another very important element that is easy to forget or mess up, and yet will determine your success at reproducing the look: nude lips.

Instead of using nude lipstick, which can make you look a tad washed out, I follow one of my quirky London born friend's advice: use a councealer, in my case a useless, super dark councealer that I had impulsively purchased. Simply dab it onto your lips, and the natural effect will not only look even more natural, it will also stay longer. Absolutely adore this little tip, plus it saved me from just throwing away an expensive piece of make-up. Win-win situation!

My very own attempt at the look


 Cara Delevingne is the queen of the nude lip 


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