Hair trend: Just Let It Be

By Elisa, Chief Wanderer and Founder

Between those sunny London afternoons spent in the park and sweltering city breaks in Berlin managing our pop-up store, I've found myself adopting a hair style trend that seems to suit my mood, my needs and my very confused hair type (which varies between quite straight to almost curly, depending on the weather and other unknown factors). I call it the 'just let it be' way of styling hair, i.e. doing not very much of said styling and letting your hair be itself (soulful, I know).

 The 'just let it be' hair trend however does most definitely not exonerate you from regular, deep conditioning. In fact it is of paramount importance to really care for your hair for it to really shine in all its natural wonderfulness. Once washed and conditioned, all you need to do is partially dry it with a hair dryer, head upside down, lifting the roots with your fingers to inject some volume, and then let the rest of the hair dry naturally to develop natural waves or curls, depending on your hair type. Finally, part it either sideways or in the centre using your fingers for the perfect carefree effect. I won't post pictures of my mane (I'm shy), but have hand-picked a few great examples of this hair philosophy (yes, you heard me, philosophy) on Pinterest.





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